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North Wood Knight – 5% ABV

The North Wood Knight is our bold craft Porter, packed full of rich, dark malts and roasted rye to deliver a South London Stout full to the brim with chocolate and toffee tasting notes.  The addition of English Olicana hops gives this small batch porter a sharp citrus punch which is followed through with a saintly combination of Admiral and Warrior hops.

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North Wood Cutter – 4.8% ABV

A Craft Ale inspired by the Ancient Great North Wood of South East London

Lost Skulls Brewing Company would like to invite you to sup some of our freshly crafted English Ale inspired by the ancient Great North Wood of South East London.

The Great North Wood is a sprawling ancient landscape that gradually became fragmented by the development of south London’s suburbs – but whose name lives on in districts such as Norwood, Gipsy Hill, Forest Hill and Penge (‘edge of wood’). Stretching from Selhurst at its southern limit to Deptford near the Thames in the north, trees such as sessile oak and hornbeam dominated the Wood. Throughout the Middle Ages it had a history of strong ownership by local people and was managed for timber (including shipbuilding), charcoal, tannin (for Bermondsey’s leather-making industries), as well as firewood. Today the Wood consists of a series of small woodlands, parks, cemeteries, sports grounds, railway embankments and gardens – all of which provide a home for nature within a modern urban landscape. (The London Wildlife Trust)

As proud South East Londoners, we aim to celebrate this great natural heritage with a refreshing real ale that takes inspiration from this lost London landscape. Our tribute is the North Wood Cutter – brewed with Honey and Biscuit Malt and a blend of Admiral, Olicana and Warrior hops to create a refreshing modern English Bitter, abundant in English hops and rich malts.